Nurses show pity with and old guy in the retirement home.

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Original description:

Poor old Mr Smythe is still in a Care Home and is feeling sorry for himself. When sexy nurse Jasmine walks in to check on him he says he has nothing to live for. Knowing he is quite wealthy, Jasmine decides to perk him up and lets him see her stockings. The old man becomes very aroused and strips off to show her his erection. She is very impressed that the old git can get it up so well and she starts wanking his dick. She then bends over and lifts her uniform and lets him fuck her doggie style. He is in heaven when nurses Paige and Emma walk in on them. They also want Smythe’s money and are jealous of Jasmine who pushes him onto the sofa and straddles his dick, riding him until he pulls out and spunks all over her thighs. Has she got his money?

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