Emma Butt’s first steps

Back then, she still called herself Emma Butts. In this second video, she is mostly masturbating with various vibrators. You can see the still natural, not yet enhanced look. Emma with nice and clear, pulsating orgasmic contractions so we weren’t too disappointed 😉

First Scene – still with panties

She starts out stripping out of her clothes, leaving just her thong panties on, lying down on the bed and gently caressing her cooch through her panties. Before long, she pulls out an egg vibrator, fires it up, and applies it to her clit through her thong. Her little moans tell us just how good that feels! Emma pulls aside her panties so she can get direct clit stimulation, exposing her little clit ring in the process. She turns up the intensity of the vibe and starts moving it in a gentle circular motion as she pulls back her clitoral hood with her other hand. The picture is framed nicely, close enough to see every pussy twitch, yet far enough away to see her breasts heave, her facial expressions, and her pierced tongue … her pussy is already glistening with moisture as she says “I’m super sensitive” … Emma is clearly concentrating on the pleasure from the little vibrator as she focuses even more on stimulating her clit but there just isn’t quite enough power in this toy. She selects a larger, more powerful egg vibrator which she quickly exchanges again for the smaller bullet … she is quite wet! It really doesn’t take long anymore until she has a nice “rapid fire” orgasm, and she keeps the buzzer on her clit all the way through!

Emma in Fishnets – Scene 2

The next scene starts with Emma laying on the bed in fish-net stockings and a fish net top flipping through a book on female orgasms. She decides that she is going to “give it a go herself” as she is “feeling quite horny today”!

Stripping out of her bra and panties, she starts playing with her pussy with her fingers then quickly moves onto the powerful magic wand. She retracts her clitoral hood with one hand and puts the end of the vibe directly on her exposed clit. She obviously gets a real kick out of this one as you can see her juices quickly start collecting on the base of her vagina which then start running down her anus. Emma switches out the wand for the egg vibe again – just momentarily until she decides that the wand was “stronger”. Before long, her juices are building up again running down to her anus from her pussy … she closes her eyes tightly and let’s go, cumming hard with nice and strong contractions! That must have been good as her nipples got nice and erect with that orgasm too!

Down & Dirty: Third Scene

Emma is on the floor in her fish-net stockings, playing with the wand vibrator again (I think she really likes this one!). She switches it for her silver bullet vibe, and then again to a penis shaped vibrator before moving back to the powerful wand. This time we get a full-body top view of her orgasm and you can see the lower part of her pussy rapidly pulsating as she cums. The camera zooms in for a closer look of her juices … she really did get quite wet again!

Runtime (Stream, Download): 37 minutes – Stream now on Adultmatrix.com